I offer a range of different free products on the internet from code to software to entertainment. At the same time I focus on extraneous free web services from reputable services to provide stable environments for visitors. In essence I mesh a free and paid web services platform for creating an educational foundation that can become something more.

The goal with this website is to maintain a top level space related to computer programming. I have a lot of things related to programming on the web but it's scattered all over the place, and in time I will forget what I have as I frequently do with code locally.

It's also worth mentioning that I have a GitHub repository named TPP which I use to version release public domain code. This website will never replace that space. I initially named this website TPP because I thought I would only use it to present layouts (AKA website templates, and HTML templates) for the HTML Template at TPP.


I plan to add and maintain references to existing work. This is not a place where I think something up and then still need to do the underlying work, these things are already researched and exist within the lower levels of my web. Things here may create a change within lower levels because of better insight, but the change is still within the lower levels.