WPF control name prefix


The purpose of this page is to ensure a complete reference of control name prefixes that I use in WPF. My control name prefixes are 3 letters long and must not be identical to a prefix name for another control.


Control Prefix
Button btn
CheckBox cbx
ComboBox cbo
ComboBoxItem cbi
DataGrid dgr
Frame fra
Label lbl
ListBox lbx
ListView lvw
ListViewItem lvi
Menu mnu
Page pge
ProgressBar pgb
RadioButton rab
ScrollBar scb
StatusBar stb
TextBlock tbk
TextBox tbx
TreeView tvw
TreeViewItem tvi
Window win
Prefix Control
btn Button
cbi ComboBoxItem
cbo ComboBox
cbx CheckBox
dgr DataGrid
fra Frame
lbl Label
lbx ListBox
lvi ListViewItem
lvw ListView
mnu Menu
pgb ProgressBar
pge Page
rab RadioButton
scb ScrollBar
stb StatusBar
tbk TextBlock
tbx TextBox
tvi TreeViewItem
tvw TreeView
win Window