3.3.1. Target Blank Image Link


The Target Blank Image Link option dialog can be found via the Options -> Target Blank Image Link... menu.


The purpose of this option is to show a target _blank image link next to the result's main link. It was created in order to avoid using the mousewheel to open a link in a new tab.

Dialog Window



Use Target Blank Image Link In Results

In order to proceed in using a target blank image the checkbox must be selected. If unchecked when the dialog closes the settings will revert to a default state.

Image Type Selection

There are default images available. If you use a default image there is nothing to do after this.

The custom image selection will appear once a custom image has been selected.

Path To Custom Image

Select an image by clicking the ... button. The location of the file must be with the image asset library.

To release a custom image click the X button or select a default image.

Remember The Last Custom Image Path (For File Selection Dialog)

This option was created for convenience while testing different images.