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To Whom It May Concern,

I believe my life is where it is today because someone in an under cover police department decided to make me the excuse for something I was never a part of.

Today, after countless years of asking (the White House and the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada) for help to get this nonsense to stop, nothing has changed. I still can't find employment, and a mysterious group never leaves me alone when I leave the house. These are the only two constant things in my life for the past 17 years. To be honest, I believe my life has been ruined because of them. And just for your information, this is not made up, I would prefer to have a life than to have absolutely nothing for so long.

I've tried to make the most out of my situation by working on a free portfolio for many years in the hope this garbage would eventually end (finish). It has not.

I will be turning 40 years old this year and I'm still waiting to start my life. I believe I'm in an unacceptable position that I continue to take the blame for.

I hope to find a position that allows me to progress in an industry through hard work and determination.

George Frias

I sent a letter to EnquiryBC because of my situation, it also more clearly explains what's happening to me.

2018-01-20: I have been applying for work for more than 2 weeks now ranging from minimum wage to 100K+, and I have been unable to get hired. My teeth have made it impossible for me to ignore finding employment. And for your information, I owe a student loan from 2000-2001 that taught me computer programming, which is what you see here today.

I never believed things would have gotten to this point. I need dental work. I no longer understand how I can't even get hired for a full-time minimum wage job. Something has gone horribly wrong, I need help.

2018-02-01: I sent a letter to CBC's Go Public features Rosa Marchitelli and Erica Johnson on 2018-01-26.

2018-02-06: I just want to mention that I know that just because police are around does not mean that it's not my fault for not finding a job. I know that, but up until I went to college I always had a job. In fact, I started working when I was in high school. I know something is wrong because I can't even get hired for minimum wage positions.

Also, would you believe that my first day of college was September 11, 2000.

2018-02-10: I sent a letter to the RCMP on Tuesday.