I'm George, the guy who makes all of this stuff happen. I started building a web in the spring of 2005 to find employment, that hasn't happened yet.


This website is not an authority on health in any way. It's here to make my life better, that's all. So if you're referencing anything, file it and verify it with a second filing, even if it's not from here. Ultimately creating a binding for a complete package.

3Health is more about being smart by doing healthy things rather than the topic of health. Some may find it confusing, quite possibly even offensive because fitness will not cure illness, but my intention is not to make people feel that way.


The kinesiology section is not about studying any particular movement, it's about exercise. I named it kinesiology because I wanted to include anatomy, and that just doesn't seem to fit in a section called exercise or even fitness.


Being healthy by knowing what and when I eat is something that I wish to accomplish in the nutrition section.

Eating great meals may be something that I share here too.


All written forms of my help can be found here. That includes the help for this website, my software, and the deep level support I offer for the code that I give away.


The news section was created to let visitors easily know what the latest stuff is.


The search engine is powered by the JavaScript Search Engine software, which was designed, and is maintained and upgraded by me.